Suppose you want to have your truck customized. How does that work? We take you step by step:

1. We schedule an appointment

We prefer to do this at one of our dealers, so that you can also see our workshop and get to know our people and our profession. Over a good cup of coffee, we discuss the wishes and possibilities at our leisure. What do you like, what fits in the budget, etc.?

2. You will receive a proposal

If we have find out exactly what you want, we will work it out neatly into a proposal, including a price. Within a few days you already know exactly where you stand.

3. Truck in the planning

As soon as we have an agreement, we will contact you and coordinate the further planning with you. Because we work with several dealers and workshops, we can usually schedule you in a relatively short period of time.

4. You bring your truck to 

And from now it will be exciting. We have the honor to set up your truck according to your wishes. And no, even if you beg us on your knees because the tension is too much for you, we won't send you pictures in the meantime.

5. You can't get that smile off your face

And then there's the unveiling. Let's take a moment of course. And then come the tears of happiness and te hugs. You have your dream truck! And that proud smile when you drive away from the site will no longer leave your face.