This is how BUFFL came into being

We traded in trucks. Under the name of VAEX. And had been doing so for forty years. Then we got this amazing idea: how cool would it be if we started customising the trucks ourselves; and not only for ourselves, but also for others? In less than two years, we had grown into a team of ten specialists, dedicated to styling and furnishing truck interiors.

BUFFL: the brand

In 2019, we took the next step: the customising business was booming to the extent that we wanted to give it our own identity. We are and remain VAEX, but we wanted to give those customised trucks a cool name. The art of customising had to become a product in its own right; a brand. And that’s how BUFFL was born. Which of course bears a direct link to that tough, powerful and stubborn ox. It represents exactly what we want to stand for as a brand.

Customized interiors

You spend more time in your cabin than anywhere else. So you want to make that cabin your own as much as possible. We design and create interiors. An interior that is fully tailored to your needs and desires; in our workshop here in Ravenstein. We do that professionally. We do it fast. And we do it at fair prices.