Complete truck interiors

Your truck. Your home.

You bring your truck, we make the truck completely for you.  From front to back. From top to bottom. Your own BUFFL.

Roof- and side roofs

Customize the roof and- side roof. Almost anything is possible. What do you like: leather or alcantara? Knotted or flat? Which colour? Everything is possible: from earthy brown to heavenly blue. Do you want to have a logo incorporated in it? And if so, where, how, how big?

Lots of possibilities with light

With lighting you can do so many beautiful things when decorating your roof- and side roofs. Ever been to seventh heaven? With BUFFL we get you there!


Back- and sidewalls

The walls are important for the appearance of the cabin. They are the walls in your home. The decor. You want to dress that in a style that suits you. Those walls must radiate who you are and what you stand for. That can be very personal.

Bring on your wishes

Do you want tough, stubborn, colorful, abstract? Your logo fully featured or processed very subtly? Or would you like to have your back and side walls in a special theme? Bring on your wishes.

Up- and downbed

Your bed should sleep well. You only have one body, one back. You are careful with that. A good night's sleep is dear to you. That includes a good mattress. We deliver that to you. But we do more. Because you can also customize a bed.

You sleep like a BUFFL

You can have the cover of your bed knotted. You can also have a logo incorporated in it. Can be very chic! Be sure to sleep like an ox. No, even better: like a BUFFL.

Floormats & Enginetunnel

Your mat just meant to put your feet up? Not at all. You have to be a trucker to understand what that mat means to you. You want to have a logo in that mat. Or that mat should be finished with a cool stitch. It must be your own.

Make your own floor of love

Motorcycle tunnels are one of our favorites. As a customizer you can play with that wonderfully. With fabrics, colours, prints and stitching. We are not familiar with tunnel fear. In fact: we love tunnels and would love to make your tunnel of love!

Cab locker

Do you need extra storage space in your cabin? Or do you want to give an extra dimension to the appearance of your cabin? Replace your upper bed with a cool cupboard that you can design and lay out completely in your style.

We are fans!

We build your cabinet from A to Z in our own workshop. With leather upholstery; and then knotted or flat. The logo stitched into it. Covered with (fake) leather, in almost any desired color. And then whether or not a print or an imprint. Share your wishes. We make it for you.

Cabin lighting

Lighting, especially LED lighting, is one of the favorite toys of customizers. You can do so much with it. You can give your truck a unique identity and atmosphere. You can put accents with it. You can ensure that your truck is recognizable.

Get inspired

Do you want to know what we can do with light in your cabin? Just call for an appointment. And don't forget to check out the photos on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We regularly put cool lighting in the spotlight there.


Your seat is the most important item in your cabin. It must be comfortable. No discussion. That's your workplace. With a good chair you prevent neck, shoulder and back complaints. A good seat ensures that you are a driver for longer!

Lots of options for your chair

We supply chairs, in various versions, or adapt your existing chair to your wishes. With a leather upholstery, for example, including a beautiful stitching; with possibly unique accents woven into it. Sit comfortably. And looks nice.


In all colors, we almost wrote here. But that's an exaggeration. Curtains are available in almost all colours. This applies to the regular curtains, but also to your curtains in between, front window strips and side curtains. We make them for you. In any color you want. No, sorry: in almost any color you want!

All curtains are double stitched

This is worth mentioning. Because curtains should be beautiful, but should also block out the light if you want to sleep. That is why all our curtains are double stitched as standard.


When you open the door of your cabin from the outside, the door panels are the first thing you see. So you want them to look sleek too. In addition, they must be able to withstand the wind and rain that can take hold at such moments.

Many options for your door panels

We usually continue the door panels in the same line as the rest of the cabin. Same color. Same style and execution. But you can also play with that, through accents and lighting.. 


Afraid of injections? No, not a driver. He knows that you can give a cabin a really cool touch with paintwork. You can have your dashboard completely styled, each part separately, in any desired color or color combination; to match the rest of your interior.

Share us your ideas

Spraying is such specialist work that we outsource it to permanent partners who maintain the same standard as we do. We do all the design, disassembly and assembly of parts ourselves. So share us your ideas. And we're going to work on it.

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