Scania S | Gallix | BUFFL Interior

Scania S | Gallix 

The Scania S from Gallix Also Got a BUFFL Makeover

With great pride, we unveil the exceptional modifications made to Stephane Gallix's Scania truck by BUFFL Customizers. The cabin underwent a remarkable transformation, acquiring several unique features. We adorned the roof with full knots and enhanced it by installing two white and two red melon lights. We also added full knots to the upper bunk, which now looks stunning.

Our meticulous craftsmanship extends to the side and rear of the roof, which we finished with both flat and full knots. The rear also boasts custom lighting and logos, providing a distinctive look. Inside, we carefully upholstered the door panels and the front cabinet with the tachograph cover, ensuring a seamless appearance. Attention to detail is evident in the rear and side panels, where we blended various patterns and knots with integrated lighting for a visually captivating effect. The interior features stylish seats with custom BUFFL logos and lighting. We added beautiful mats to the floor and curtains on the windows, offering both privacy and a refined aesthetic.

This custom transformation reflects Stephane Gallix's pursuit of perfection, offering a unique and luxurious driving experience on the road.

Check out the interior of this Scania in the photos below.