One day you too will drive BUFFL!

A home away from home

Your truck is your home. It’s where you work, sleep, see the world pass by and live life to the full. With a smile. And with diesel in the blood. The place from which you practise the best profession in the world (except for that of a truck customizer ;-). Here at BUFFL, we have only
one goal: creating a home away from your home.

Who is BUFFL?

Part of VAEX. Eight crazy truck customizers. Who go bonkers over a nice piece of leather. Who start drooling at the sight of a bit of sturdy stitching. Who shine proudly like a new truck close to a smoothly milled logo. Who want to create beautiful things. Who don’t waste any time, because they know your truck had to be ready yesterday when you bring it in today. And who, although acting all big and tough, secretly wipe  away a tear when they see you take off, over the moon with your new creation.

Drive a BUFFL!

We create craftsmanship. We apply quick lead times and fair prices. We are proud of every truck that leaves here, as much as you are. To show that, we put the BUFFL logo on every seat, subtly and discretely, so you too can say: I drive a BUFFL!